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Letter to the editor: President Obama, who was really elected?

Castle Dale


Tears streamed down the cheeks of millions as they watched the fulfillment of their civil and human rights hopes in the Inaguration of President Obama. Martin Luther King would be proud, or would he?

Quietly with the doors shut and the news media left out, one of his first official acts was to sign into law a measure giving over $450 million of your federal tax money to groups that promote or perform abortions overseas, even funding the United Nations Population Fund which controversially supports and is involved in the forced abortion population control regime of China, where women are often forced kicking and screaming.

Coming from a racial background that has been brutalized, tortured and killed one would think he would abhor such gross violations of human rights. However, it's Obama's turn to decide now and he decided to aid in the brutalizing, torturing and killing of the innocent on a scale never equaled in human history.

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