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Emery County TV to still make switch 2-17


At commission meeting Commissioner Gary Kofford brought up the matter of the TV switch to digital signal scheduled for Feb. 17. The Congress has delayed the switch until June to allow people more time to prepare. Emery County is ready for the switch and will continue with the Feb. 17 original deadline. The expense of running two systems is prohibitive and any break downs in the analog signals would not be fixed anyway. One citizen suggested that since its going to happen soon anyway most county people should be prepared. The government has a voucher program to help with the purchase of the set-top box for older TVs.

This money ran out, but since then more money has been put into the program to help people get ready for the switch.

The switch will not affect anyone with satellite TV like Dish Network and DirectTV or cable TV or the new TV system being developed by Emery Telcom.

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