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By Gary Arrington

With high school region re-alignment happening next school year, it is unfortunate that there is potential that the Carbon-Emery sports contests could go away.

The recent basketball game between the two schools was all anyone needs to see why this rivalry should continue. One needs to forget the final outcome of the game and instead, one needs to concentrate on the atmosphere inside the arena, as it was great and loud and exciting.

The fans of the two teams started arriving early as the sophomore contest and the JV contest are always exciting in their own right. With the Spartan Center filling with fans, with students and bands and with players, one would expect a great time and one would not be disappointed on this night.

The Emery student section was a wave of yellow while the Carbon student section was a wave of blue and white. And then the students cheered for their teams before, during and after the game as all had a good time.

Residents of the two counties showed up for the game that maybe you do not see out at a ball game any other time of the year as alumni filled the adult sections of the stands.

Half time was equally as fun as the two schools drum lines put on another show that upped the emotion and the noise in the building. Although one could tell that the Carbon drummers were maybe just a little more polished, it was good competition and the two lines left the floor as friends.

Carbon and Emery football and basketball is fun. People come out, money is spent and every one has a great time. This needs to continue, if not as region partners then in the preseason or as a non-league game at the end of the season. These two teams need to play each other.

These games are what high school sports is really all about. Everyone cheering and having a great time. Every one supporting their high school and their team.

The stands being full and the fans being loud and raucous. And then talking about it the next day at work with all your buddies and work partners from the other school.

Carbon versus Emery, keep it up.

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