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Huntington city council hears and decides several issues

Staff Writer

Sgt. Tom Harrison from the Emery County Sheriff's Office met with the Huntington City Council to review the options for the city to be compliant with an emergency operations plan. Sgt. Harrison left a copy of the county's plan for the city to review.

Sgt. Harrison talked about the need of having certified people in each town and that the county can and will help the city achieve this. It would be a good idea if all full time employees of the city, all firemen and EMTs were certified. The city thought that all councilmen and the mayor should also go through the training.

The mayor reported that the city received $640,000 from CIB for safer sidewalks leading to local schools. The money is half grant and half an interest-free loan. The mayor also expressed concern with the speeds of drivers along 400 West. It seems that people are driving upwards of 60 m.p.h. on the road. The council talked of speed bumps and stop signs.

Councilman Jerry Livingston reported that the city has received another $150,000 from UDOT for sidewalks along state highways in the city. The city has applied for another grant from UDOT for more sidewalks and will receive an answer in March.

The city discussed contracting for a permanent roll-off dumpster in the city for use by the citizens of Huntington. After discussion of several locations, the city thought they would try the city-owned site just north of the hill that is north of the ball complex. This site is easily available to get to and out of sight to be an eyesore.

The city adopted chapters 12 and 13 of Huntington City's Zoning ordinance. These chapters cover subdivisions in the city and the design standards for subdivisions. Councilman Cathy Cowley suggested the city review the commercial zones in town and make adjustments to the city's map as necessary. Huntington City Council meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

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