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Armed robbery at the Castle Dale Maverik

The Maverk convenience store in Castle Dale is the site of an attempted armed robbery.


An attempted armed robbery took place at the Castle Dale Maverik store on Feb. 25 at 12:54 a.m. The night clerk was in the store alone at the time. The robber entered the store by the unlocked back door. He confronted the clerk inside the store and demanded money. The clerk argued with the robber. The man discharged a hand gun into a display case.

The man walked around to the customer side of the counter and again demanded money. The clerk argued with the man. He then pulled the cash register off the counter and onto the floor. While he was doing this the clerk darted into the office directly behind the clerk area and locked the door. She called 911 and Emery County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene within four-five minutes.

The suspect left the store and went out the back door without taking anything. He left the store on foot.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said, "We have a video of the incident. We have developed a description of the suspect from the video and also from the clerk. The detectives and deputies searched the area surrounding the Maverik and were unable to turn up anything. They did recover the slug from the gun and it is a 45 caliber hand gun. The clerk is OK and there is no money missing from the store. The surveillance video shows the suspect dressed in light clothing, gray and white in color. The sweater was gray with dark gray or green stripes. He had a camouflage scarf around his head and face and only his eyes were showing. He was of medium build around 5'8". He was wearing khaki light beige pants. The man was of slender build.

"The robber left the store on foot and it isn't known if he left the area in a vehicle or not. According to interviews with the neighbors they didn't hear any cars in the area around that time. One neighbor heard the call come in over the scanner and looked out a window but didn't see anything.

"I think it is a local person, but we don't know for sure. We are following up on all leads and reports from the interviews taken during the night on Feb. 25. We are analyzing all the evidence and searching for the identity of this suspect. We encourage anyone who might have any information about this incident to give detectives a call at 435-381-2404. A reward is being offered for any information which leads to the arrest of the suspect," said Sheriff Guymon.

As of press time on March 2, the suspect had not been apprehended. Sheriff Guymon said, "We have not found him yet. The investigation is continuing and several suspects are being looked at. Arrests are pending in the case."

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