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Letter to the editor: SUWA and our public lands



I have always known that Wade has a true grasp on reality and what SUWA and their executioners are all about. Thanks to his letter, maybe now more people in the area do also.

Mr. Groene talks about a give and take process that we all have to participate in when it comes to our public lands. If Mr. Petersen or any of the other members of the public lands council believes that there would be a fair process, I am here to offer my opinion that they are wrong. It would be a matter of us giving and SUWA taking and locking it up.

Mr. Groene and SUWA have tremendous financial backing and political ties to help them. As someone that has made an occasional trip to our beautiful San Rafael, I have seen how they have even swayed the Bureau of Land Management in their direction of thinking. If you don't believe this, go for yourself and try to make a trip into the beautiful June's Bottom on the Green River, or a trip into Seger's Hole, or a trip through the Muddy River gorge where it cuts through the San Rafael Reef. Locked up, my friends.

Ask yourself where the little bits of history of our forefathers such as the bridge across Swasey's Leap, old mining cabins and so on, are going. I guess they don't fit in with the pristine.

Wade, keep up the good watch. Keep the people informed of the truth.

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