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Award ceremony for capture of thief

A "Reward Presentation" for the three individuals and Sheriff's deputy who apprehended the thief who has terrorized the Woodside area for more than two years will be held on March 19 at the Carbon County Fairgrounds, inside The Event Center at 7 p.m.

Det. John Barnett of the Emery County Sheriff's Office will receive a jacket in appreciation for his diligent work. Jason Allinson, Jeremy Young and Ron Young will each receive $500 in reward money that was provided by four different dirtbike-ATV clubs. *CastleCountry Off-highway Vehicle Club (Carbon County) *SouthEastern Utah Off-highway Vehicle Club (Emery County) *Sage Riders M/C (Lehi, Ut) *BookCliff Rattlers M/C (Fruita, Colo.)

Alan Peterson will also be presenting The 2008 Brass Hands Award to Bill Allinson (OHV Volunteer Coordinator for Price BLM). Bill will be receiving the award for the many successful projects and public relations work that he has coordinated while working for Price BLM.

The Brass Hands Award is a prestigious award that Peterson gives out each year to a person (or) persons whose efforts stand out amongst the many who are worthy of recognition. The Brass Hands Award acknowledges a person's total commitment to maintaining responsible multiple-use of our public lands.

The presentations will take place in the conference room, inside the large Carbon County Event Center. Bill Barrett Corporation is a contributor for the reward money along with the ATV clubs.

Peterson said, "We are proud of the fact that different land users (motorized recreation, industry and cattlemen) can work together for the common good and watch out for each other's interests on public lands. It's the 'good neighbor' policy that all mankind should live by."

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