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Letter to the Editor: Welcome Change


Our country has a rather significant election coming up and it's been nice to not be bombarded with negativism from any of the candidates or citizens.

I've been able to read the Progress these past few weeks without cringing because some candidate is badmouthing their opponent, (or some group is doing it for them).

I haven't been handed any "Vote for me" flyers at the local parades and none have been delivered to my home, which were anything but positive.

Maybe I'm living in a protective little shell, and these things are happening behind the scenes. But I appreciate the fact that at least on the surface, all the candidates seem to be running a good, clean campaign and I commend them for this.

I hope the postitive attitude continues over the next several weeks because who wants an elected official who dwells on the negative aspects of people or life? I'd rather vote for those who are always looking on the bright side of things.

People with this kind of attitude will be better prepared to enter their standing as an elected official and get right to work for us. Rather than those who will be spending the first few weeks on the job doing damage control.

May our candidates continue showing us their optimistic outlook for our county, our people and our future.

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