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Letter to the editor: MK Tunnels

Salt Lake City


It is with sincere hope that the MK Tunnel closure efforts don't result in a greater public liability and hazard than what existed initially. In viewing the images of the bat grating and concrete work, I couldn't help but ask myself questions about the design and engineering.

Did the public and industry professionals have any opportunity to view and approve the closure plans from engineering integrity to evaluating resulting aesthetics? Or was there a requirement that the planning/engineering was approved by appropriate professionals? What checks and balances are in place to ensure a robust design?

The beams spanning the bat grating do not appear to be sustainable, and interesting enough, there are no 90 degree reinforcements. How are the longer bars keyed into the rock/surface?

The images of the work look like a hazard with a high likelihood of risk and failure. The hand of humans can have an adverse impact if the local public does not demand accountability.

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