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Large crowds view Reflections of Christ display

This one of Mark Mabry's photos depicts Jesus Christ as he walks on water to the boat with the Apostles.


The Reflections of Christ photography exhibit was on display at the Castle Dale Stake Center, March 24-25. The exhibit is a unique witness of the Lord Jesus through the stunning realism of the photography of Mark Mabry.

Mabry's images of New Testament era scenes from the life of Christ, including the Nativity, to his miracles, and to his death and resurrection, will make viewers feel like they are personally witnessing the Savior's most awe inspiring moments.

Mabry's images are fast becoming internationally known to people of many Christian faiths. The 31 year old photographer first displayed the project in Mesa, Ariz. last January and it was an immediate hit. More than 100,000 people saw it there, and more than 1.3 million from around the world have clicked online to see Mabry's images.

That led to a North American tour, a coffee table book of the images, the making of a DVD and a CD of the music that plays in the exhibit. The exhibit is currently touring Canada and the US., including stops in New York, Florida, California, Seattle, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, and Washington DC.

Large crowds viewed the exhibit while it was in Castle Dale. The presentation began with everyone gathering in the chapel for a song and prayer. The video was shown which told the story of how Mabry came to set the stage for each of the photos. Most of the photos were taken in Arizona and the desert landscape lends a back drop similar to that found in Israel. Mabry told the story of the day the crew was getting ready to shoot a picture of a depiction of the crucifiction. It started to rain and all the participants were wet and miserable and it turned out to be a perfect setting for the photo. "Good, they're miserable," thought Mabry. It showed on their faces and made the shot very realistic as to how the people at the actual death of Christ could have been feeling at the time.

Mabry told of how the picture of the angels in the air was shot using a trampoline. Other scenes included Jesus healing a blind man; Jesus with Peter; Jesus walking on water; the 10 virgins; Christ at the Ascension and several other photo scenes from the life of Christ.

After the visitors viewed the video they were taken into the darkened gymnasium where the photos were lit by spotlights only, to add to the drama of the display. Spiritual music specially selected and composed for this exhibit, was played in the background as the pictures were viewed. The display also went to the Price Stake Center for a two day showing.

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