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MBA hears details on Emery Care project

Staff Writer

A special meeting of the Municipal Building Authority of Emery County was called to review changes and discuss the contract with Architectural Coalition PLLC. This firm is doing the architectural and design work for the remodel project at Emery County Care and Rehab in Ferron. Guilford Rand was on hand representing the company.

Emery County Commissioner Gary Kofford requested some clarifications in the contract the county has been asked to sign for this project. "This contract states you will do the design work for reclaiming three patient rooms," said Kofford. "We want to include all the rooms in the facility which need to be remodeled and upgraded."

Rand noted the changes and informed the MBA that work is continuing and every room in the care facility is being evaluated and drawn for the upgrades. "We will address each room and its needs on an individual basis. The three mentioned in the contract are not the only rooms which will be upgraded. We will evaluate each one."

Commissioner Kofford recommended the MBA accept the contract with the noted changes. The MBA approved to accept the contract for this project.

Rand presented the MBA with a copy of the entire project. "We have made several changes recently after meeting with Colleen Chauvet, the manager at the facility. We have also met with and discussed the project with the staff members who are currently working there," said Rand. He explained each change and displayed the plans for the kitchen, offices, laundry room, solarium and storage rooms, along with the equipment and roof plans.

Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth thanked Rand and expressed her appreciation for including the staff in the decisions.

Rand will be in attendance at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the MBA which will be April 14 at 2 p.m. He will bring the most recent and most complete drawings of the project.

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