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Soldier returns home to find car restored

Auto students greet Jason Judd around the car they restored for the soldier serving in the Iraqi war. Students include: Josey Johnson, Cody Barker, Chandler Peacock, Jerik Lofley, Cory Hansen, Dakota Tucker, Hayden Barney, teacher Mike Kava, soldier Jason Judd, Travis Hanson, Justin Barnes, Jay Fausett and Tony Farrer.
Jason Judd with his mom Janna Voorhis.

The Iraqi War Veteran Jason Judd arrived for his homecoming in a police car from Lindon City. The police car was escorted by several other autos filled with relatives and well wishers. The local Castle Dale Fire Department under the direction of Fire Chief Richard Herring, with US flags flying and a big welcome home Jason sign, following two Utah Highway Patrol cars, escorted the parade, from the LDS Church parking lot, to the Emery High School parking lot where a crowd had gathered for the presentation of Jason's restored Saturn automobile and a barbeque. This homecoming event was organized by Jason's family.

The crowd was anxious to see Jason's face when he was presented with his rebuilt car. They were not disappointed. When he saw the car and the new paint job and decorations on the car. He briefly wept and thanked all those who had taken part in the restoration of his Saturn automobile. The car had been badly damanged in a side-on collision. The Emery High School Automotive Class knowing that Jason was serving his country in Iraq, took it upon themselves to restore the vehicle under the direction of instructor Mike Kava. Derri Jewkes from J and D Automotive supplied much needed parts for the repair and restoration.

Jason Judd's family, his grandmother Norma Dastrup, his mother Jana, his brothers and sisters were on hand to give him a welcome home hug. Jason with his plaque and all those who worked on or were involved in this automobile restoration gathered for a photo around the car.

He also shook hands with and thanked the Lindon Police Department officer, the Castle Dale Fire Department members, the Utah Highway Patrol members, Emery County Sheriff's Office Deputies and other officials on hand to greet him.

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