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Bump, Set, Spike


Amber Gardner back to serve.

Emery met Delta on Oct. 10 and the Lady Spartans Varsity Volleyball team came away with the win in three hard fought games. The scores were 14-16, 15-12 and 13-15.

Before the varsity games the senior players and their parents were honored. Amber Gardner, Candace Ungerman, Stacie Giles, Jennifer Nielson and Shandie Huntington played their last home game for their volleyball careers at Emery High. The team will not be in action this week but will continue play on Oct. 24 in North Sanpete.

Lady Spartan juniors, sophomore and freshman players are: Jessica Christensen, Jeanna Morash, Cortni Jensen, Audrey Gordon, Jerica Jensen, Krista Ungerman, Mandi Weihing, Misty Nielson, Kenzie Jensen, Karlie Jensen, Adrian McNee, McKenzie Sitterud, Alexis Swasey, Shala Pitchforth, Ashley Hansen, Tanna Merrell and Callie Seely.

The Lady Spartans are coached by Ferd Allred and Nicole Denison is the assistant coach. The coaches were also recognized by the team for their hard work.

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