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Fire at Orangeville auto repair garage

Fire departments from three Emery County cities respond to a garage fire in Orangeville.
Garage owner Jason Mills with the vehicle which sustained the most damage.
Volunteer firefighters at the site of a garage fire on Orangeville Main Street.
Volunteer firefighters work quickly to fight the fire and assess the damages. Investigations continues into the cause of the fire.

Guest Writer

As Mayor Bart Cox was passing the garage at 90 South Main in Orangeville, he noticed a large amount of smoke coming from the garage building. The fire was located in the automotive repair facility owned and operated by Jason Mills of Orangeville the son of Bret Mills of Castle Dale.

Cox immediately phoned 911 and dispatch notified the Orangeville Fire Department.

After the 911 call, Cox proceeded to the home of Mills to inform him of the fire, but did not find him at home. Cox then returned to the scene of the fire.

According to Cox the Orangeville Fire Department arrived about the same time as he saw flames starting to appear above the garage door. He estimated it took the Orangeville Fire Department about five minutes after his 911 call to arrive at the fire.

The Orangeville Fire Department arrived first and two other fire departments soon followed. The fire was quickly put under control before extensive damage to the structure occurred. The three responding volunteer fire departments were very professional in putting out the fire and protecting the public. They were cautious about the hazardous materials located in and around the building such as, gasoline in the vehicle being scorched in center of the garage.

The three responding fire departments were Orangeville, Castle Dale and Ferron. When asked why three fire departments came to the fire the answer was that with a volunteer fire department you never know who is available to respond and having other fire departments come is a good back up plan.

The center garage of the four room garage (three garages and an office), was damaged extensively. The other two garage spaces received considerable smoke and water damage. There were three vehicles in the garage at the time of the fire and only the one car in the center suffered blistered and scorched paint. The tail lights and other plastic parts on the car started to melt due to the heat.

The fire appeared to have started against the back wall and moved up into the ceiling over a car in the center garage.

Two other vehicles in the East and West garages received mostly smoke damage. The interior of the center garage was blackened by smoke and the ceiling had fallen in, on top of a car owned by Craig Jameson.

Troy Mills, Deputy Fire Marshal, Utah Department of Public Safety investigated the fire and said, "The fire was probably caused by recent grinding of metal parts on a work bench and some of the sparks got under the work bench, smoldered in some material there until they burst into flame."

Tracy Addley Fire Chief of the Orangeville Fire Department said, "The cause of the fire is still under investigation."

The vehicles parked close around the building presented a small problem for easy access by the fire departments to work the fire in the building.

Jason Mills on Monday indicated that he had insurance to cover the damage. He has since boarded up some windows and is back in the business of repairing cars.

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