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Buckhorn Archery Club results

Darin Gardner participates in the Buckhorn Archery weekly competition.
Eli Oliverson takes aim at the weekly shoot. He took third place in the youth division for the season.

Men's division: first Patrick Hanson-3000, second Kelly Farnsworth-2978, and third Carl Sitterud-2964.

Most improved: Kade Huntington-85.

Ladies division: first Lori ONeil-2884, second Angela Paskett-2862, and third Valerie Farnsworth-2738.

Most improve: Marcia Farnsworth-93.

Youth division: first Jed Farnsworth-2762, second Jaydon Mead-2671, and third Eli Oliverson-2512.

Most improved: Mckensie Juggert-63

Junior division: first Paden Wells 2127, second Darin Greenan-2097, and third - Tel Gardner-1603.

Most improved: Kacey Farnsworth-84.

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