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Work moves along on Aquatic Park

The dirt was sifted at the site of the new aquatic park by the pool in Castle Dale. They found a piece of concrete as large as a pickup on the site.
This area of the park will include a large pavilion.


The aquatic park in Castle Dale is well underway. This park is being constructed adjacent to the new Emery County Aquatics Center. The county commission determined a park would be the best way to beautify the grounds surrounding the swimming pool and help keep the dust from blowing in the outdoor pool. The contractor for the project is Nelco Construction.

Commissioner Kofford said, "The ground the aquatic park is being constructed upon was a dumping ground for when they were building the high school and the auditorium. There has been a lot of concrete and steel hauled in there. The contractor has put in a separator and a clarifier and he has put through more than 72,000 tons of soil and I do not know how many tons of concrete he has hauled out.

"We required in the contract that they put 12 inches of top soil depth for burying the sprinkler system. The contractor has a D8 Cat and the other day he unearthed a piece of concrete bigger than a pickup. This is what he has to put up with while trying to make a park out of this ground. He has done an excellent job and it is going to be a beautiful park, with a restroom, a pavilion, three gazebos with tables and a soccer field, something that is really not in Emery County."

Castle Dale City commited to help with a restroom at the park. They will donate $10,000 for the project after July 1. In the meantime, the project is going forward and a change order was requested at commission meeting to allow the contractor on site to go ahead and complete the restroom building while the other work is being completed. The project is on a fast track to be completed this summer. A six foot chainlink fence will also be constructed around the park.

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