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Pet day: Local preschool learns about animals

Sandra Huntington's preschool students and other guests visit the petting zoo at Windy Larsen's grooming shop in Orangeville.
Oakley Alton gets ready to milk the goat.

guest writer

Windy Larsen of Orangeville hosted Sandra Huntington's Pre-School classes recently at her petting zoo. The children were on a pre-school field trip and the students reside in Orangeville, Castle Dale and one child from Huntington. The children are enrolled in Miss Sandra's Pre-School classes at Orangeville. The three different classes arrived at 9 a.m., 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. to visit the zoo. Last year Sandra's classes visited three or four places around the area to see and pet animals. This year Windy's petting zoo was one place where they could see all the animals they wanted all at one location.

The children were able to milk a goat, pet the mother goat named Petricia and her baby goat.

Sandra with several mothers and an assistant kept close track of the children as they visited the grooming shop where Windy had baby puppies, baby kittens, a mother sheep named Shadow and a baby lamb in a pen with a small Shetland pony named Starla.

When Windy brought out the Columbia red tailed boa snakes, at first the children were afraid to touch them but soon overcame the fear of handling the snakes. Some children enjoyed carrying the snakes around. She also taught them about snakes shedding their skin, by showing them samples of snake skin. The children were able to carry around baby puppies and kittens. The children's voices were raised in excitement as they handled or petted the animals. Some mothers had to decline the request by their children, who said, "Please mom, let's take home a puppy or kitten".

Windy carried out two, 3 month old baby Nigerian dwarf goats for display. The children were not allowed to hold them. There was a one day old baby goat that they could pet.

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