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Joe's Valley Marina to open for Memorial weekend

Joe's Valley Marina manager Jonathon Fauver speaks with an ATV rider about trails in the area.
Joe's Valley Marina will open for the season on Thursday and will remain open until after Labor Day.


Joe's Valley Marina is anxious to begin the summer season and will open on Memorial Day weekend. Joe's Valley Marina offers a restaurant which will cook hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads and other delectable offerings.

The marina also offers a store where you can purchase drinks, food, fishing supplies, picnic supplies and anything else you may have forgotten for your trip to Joe's Valley.

The convenience store also offers a gift shop where you can find Joe's Valley hats, T-shirts and other souvenirs.

The store at Joe's Valley was completely remodeled last season and a large deck was added out back where diners can sit to enjoy their dinner and the view. New this year is a canopy over the front door of the building.

For now the marina will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and on the Monday holidays. The hours are from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. The marina will open this Thursday.

The marina restaurant had a lot of good support last season from the Emery County residents and owners are hoping for the support of the community again. Joe's Valley is a popular fishing spot and is a great jumping off place for the many ATV trails in the area.

The restaurant hopes to attract the ATV riders before they hit the trails so they can get supplies for their ride and a nice dinner awaits the riders upon their return.

The ATV riders are welcome to leave their vehicles at the marina as they ride the trails. Another new aspect of the marina is the purchase of property on the east side of the lake. This is the former Trail Mountain resort. Marina owners have plans for the resort to restore the large building and use it for a group lodge. The small cabins will be remodeled and available for rent. These cabins are available for rent now as well as the large pavilion. Both properties will be known as Joe's Valley Marina.

There are ATV rentals and jet ski rentals as well as small fishing boat rentals from the convenience store. Gas for ATVs is also available at the store.

Jonathon Fauver, manager for the properties welcomes everyone to get away from the heat of the valley this summer and enjoy some time at the Joe's Valley Marina.

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