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Sensitive fish species abound in Millsite Reservoir, Ferron Creek

The bluehead sucker, found in Millsite Reservoir and Ferron Creek, is currently classified a sensitive fish.

Many people who live and work in Emery County are unaware of the abundant population of bluehead suckers that reside in Millsite Reservoir and Ferron Creek. The bluehead sucker is classified as a sensitive species fish in the State of Utah, and may not be possessed or used in any way.

Although it's very unlikely that an angler will catch a bluehead sucker, any sucker caught must be immediately released unharmed. The penalty for keeping a bluehead sucker or any other sensitive, threatened or endangered species can be very severe.

The bluehead sucker is identified by a light blue band on the head that extends down and around the gill covers. Blueheads resemble other bottom feeders with the typical "sucker" mouth. They don't resemble trout or any other game fish. However, a good rule of thumb is: "When in doubt – throw it back."

Research is being conducted on the bluehead population in Millsite, because normally they occur only in running water. The growing population at Millsite Reservoir is out of character with the species. If you'd like to learn more about the bluehead sucker, an Internet search will bring up thousands of information sources.

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