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Grad night 2009 in county: Schools send graduates out to meet the world

Graduates and friends stop for a last picture together after the graduation ceremony. Left to right: Courtney Sitterud, Shawnee Grindley, Brett Mecham, Lacey Montgomery, Gatlan Huntington, Jodi Robertson, Addison Collard and Kameron Stilson.
Alicia McFarlane receives her diploma from Royd Hatt at the Green River graduation.

Staff Writer

"Whatever you are, be a good one." --Abraham Lincoln.

The class of 2009 was 15 strong. As Principal Nolan Johnson welcomed friends and family he stated that graduation is a passage from youth to adulthood, and hoped that it would be a foundation marked with learning and service. Co-Valedictorians Brennan Bigelow and Crosby Hatt both used the class motto as a basis for their addresses. Brennan had sought the advice from the Green River High School Class of 1956 Valedictorian Dean King, who is his grandfather. The advice he received was to "Plant your corn early" and "don't put your horse in the river unless you know where you're comin' out." As he contemplated how this advice would apply to him and his classmates, he decided it meant to "Be Prepared" and with today's economic situation they will need to further their education and be ready for anything. As for putting your horse in the river without knowing where you're getting out, as young adults they will be facing trials and currents in life, and if they don't watch out, they might get caught in the current and drug down.

Crosby quoted Winston Churchill - "Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without losing our enthusiasm." She went on to say that their future is bright before them and that they must persevere and endure to the end.

Teacher Patrick Brady also spoke at graduation, he polled the senior class to see what they were planning to do next, his responses were - marines, missions, college - SUU, CEU, Dixie, and Snow, army, boat mechanic, and start a family. They all have plans to move on. He gave them some advice on life - 1) practice gratitude, 2) smile more, 3)decide to make a difference, 4) fret not, 5)count and collect your blessings, and 6)be optimistic. He explained that worry and stress would not get them anywhere and that they needed to develop positive attitudes to help them succeed. He then presented them with a pair of rose colored glasses so they could look at the world through rose colored glasses; to get a different perspective on life.

The seniors prepared a slide show and true to form there was a hitch in the show, so while technical issues were being fixed, the class sang "Time of Your Life" with Brennan Bigelow and Marvin Arnold accompanying them on the guitar.

Principal Johnson presented the class of 2009 and School Board member Royd Hatt presented them with their diplomas.

In his closing remarks, senior class president Marvin Arnold encouraged his classmates to make something of their lives, whatever you are, be a good one.

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