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Utah Highway patrol holds training at airport

Sgt. Greg Holly times troopers as they work their way through the obstacle course.
Highway patrol vehicles maneuver the obstacle course.

Guest Writer

The Utah Highway patrol is always seeking ways to increase their skills for their work on the highways of Utah. One of these ways is to receive training in the operations of their vehicles. The trooper's vehicle is their base of daily operations and is basically like a mini-office in a car. They have computers, dash cameras, flashing lights and everything needed to do their job comes within their vehicle.

The local section of the Utah Highway patrol met at the Huntington Airport recently to sharpen their skills behind the wheel.

Sgt. Greg Holly, officer in charge of the Emergency Vehicle Operations program with the assistance of Trooper Ben Cox set up the obstacle course.

The obstacle course was set up on the tarmac apron and taxi way in front of the new large airplane hanger and the administration building.

The UHP uses this routine annual practice to hone the driving skills of their UHP officers.

Each officer in their vehicle went through a series of driving tests for accuracy, speed and avoidance of obstacles.

During the training Greg and Ben with a stop watch timed each officer. Those that received the highest score were given a candy bar for their efforts.

Ten seconds was deducted from each drivers score for each obstacle they ran over or knocked over with the patrol car.

Emery County made the Huntington Airport available to the Utah Highway Patrol for this training at no charge. This is part of the interagency cooperation that goes on within government. The day for the testing was perfect with no wind.

Troopers must be prepared for all situations under all kinds of driving conditions. They never know what a new day on the job might bring.

Listed below are ways the Utah Highway Patrol is of service to the residents and visitors to the state and the information included is from their website: Members of the Utah Highway Patrol actively look for opportunities to be of service to the public and will always do more than is expected to be helpful.

Removing impaired drivers from Utah's highways is the Utah Highway Patrol's number one priority.

Every effort will be made to educate the public regarding the hazards associated with driving while impaired. Action will be taken to increase the likelihood of apprehension.

The Utah Highway Patrol, in cooperation with community groups and other public safety agencies, will increase their educational and enforcement efforts to meet or exceed the National goal of 85 percent seatbelt and child seat usage.

The Utah Highway Patrol will make safety education a higher organizational priority and will devote more resources to this program.

It is the wish of the UHP to become a more valuable resource to agencies within Utah. Members of the Utah Highway Patrol will actively look for opportunities to support and assist allied public safety agencies.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers will continue to aggressively identify and apprehend criminal law violators and will honor and protect people's constitutional rights during that process.

The challenges facing our state now and in the future will be most effectively addressed by establishing a partnership with the community.

All members of the Utah Highway Patrol will become actively involved with the community to solve mutual problems and to respond to the challenges that face Utah.

The Utah Highway Patrol will work cooperatively with the commercial vehicle industry and citizen groups in an effort to enhance highway safety through the implementation of innovative educational and enforcement programs.

People are the Utah Highway Patrol's most valuable resource. Therefore, emphasis will be placed on providing enhanced training, encouraging the pursuit of higher education, and developing leaders for the future.

The Utah Highway Patrol will continue to provide troopers with the best training available so they are capable of conducting thorough and professional motor vehicle crash investigations and reconstructions.

Every effort will be made to acquire and implement new technologies that aid in the collection and documentation of evidence and the completion of professional investigations.

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