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Letter to the editor: Huntsman going to China

Salt Lake City


The banner headline on the front page of the Deseret News, (5/19/09), reads: "Utahns back Huntsman's decision". I'm all for it too. I think Utahns are much better served by Junior from China than at the helm of state government on capitol hill. And I think he dug his way there with his homosexual "civil- union" spade.

When he pulled that card out of his sleeve he became a pariah in the Republican Party and, essentially, a lame duck governor overnight with a huge loss of public and political support. I felt that his political career should be over unless he changed party affiliation, and that's pretty much what he did.

I publicly stated that I felt Gov. Huntsman had sold out on the homosexual rights issue to his own national political ambitions, but I don't think the ambassadorship to China is what he had in mind. His wife doesn't seem to me to be too happy about it.

I don't know why anybody would want to live in China unless they were desperate for a job or trying to save face, but anybody could live in China if they had the boat or air fare, or could dig fast.

On the other hand, consider how many people get to live in the governor's mansion surrounded by family and friends? It might help Mrs. Huntsman to cope if she just considered herself and family as sacrificial martyrs for homosexual marriage rights because of her husband's selfish, misguided and rebellious plug; but I doubt it.

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