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Letter to the editor: Racism in Green River



I heard some very disturbing news this week about acts of racism at Green River High School. Let me start from the beginning. There was a mandatory meeting for anyone wanting to run for student body officers. If you didn't go, you couldn't run. There was a young black girl that wanted to run, so she went to the meeting along with her party. A few days later a young white girl decided she wanted to run, and they let her run even though she didn't attend the mandatory meeting.

Apparently she didn't have anyone running with her on her party so the administration made two of the black girl's supporters go to the other side. They drew straws to see who would go. I don't have the full details of the posters that were put up, but from what I heard they were quite offensive. One had a picture of a person with a huge black afro. I don't know what the purpose of it was.

Now we are getting to the real offensive stuff. They had an assembly so the candidates could try to get the students votes. The white girl had some kids dress up as the KKK. What I want to know is where was administration? Where was the faculty? Why was this allowed to happen without a stop being put to it?

The eighth grade class found it very offensive and wrote an eloquent letter to the superintendent and principal letting them know they were offended and felt it shouldn't have happened and that her actions were inappropriate and intolerable. What bright kids. If only there were more like them.

The girl was told to make an apology. Her apology consisted of she was sorry if she offended anyone. I have heard the school board and superintendent want this to just go away. What is this saying to our youth? What are we teaching them? Why isn't there any disciplinary action being taken?

This is not only happening in the school. I witnessed it myself several years ago when I attended a funeral in Green River. I am embarrassed to say it was from people of the same religion as me were the offenders.

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