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Clawson Town dedicates park in memory of Gozzo

This plaque was recently installed at the park in Clawson.
Clawson Mayor Carrie Bloomer participates in the park dedication.


Clawson Town recently held a dedication ceremony for their park. The park is still a work in progress and much has been done and there are still many things that need to be completed.

The restrooms are being constructed. The city hall is also under expansion to make more room for community gatherings and give the town council a larger meeting place.

The new plaque at the park was unveiled. The park is dedicated to the memory of Clay Gasser affectionately known as Gozzo. While Gozzo was alive, the park was a dream of his for the children of Clawson to have a place of their own to play.

Connie Allen, city recorder, said even when Gozzo was suffering from his illness he would come by the town hall to see what he could do to help out at the park. Allen said, "This monument is special and should be treated with respect. Clay worked hard getting this park put together. He would come by to get parts even when he was sick and I would tell him to go home and rest. He would say, no, he wanted to get the park done. This is a special place in honor of Clay."

Clawson Mayor Carrie Bloomer said, "Clay was at the park every day and he had his heart in it."

The park is called Gozzo Park in memory of Clay Gasser who gave so much to the establishment of the new park.

The park includes toys for the children to play on. A cement court for basketball and tennis and a pavilion with picnic tables and a grassy area for games.

The Gasser family gathered around the plaque to remember Gozzo.

Clay Gasser passed away in June, 2006 from cancer. He along with his wife Christy raised four children in Clawson. He was an active member of the LDS church. Gozzo was a longtime employee of Consol Emery Mine.

Gozzo loved the time he spent with his family and they hunted, camped, fished, planted the garden and enjoyed being together as a family. He was 50 years old at the time of his passing. The people of Clawson will never forget the contributions Gozzo made to the community.

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