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Elmo Town receives a clean audit

staff writer

The Elmo Town Council recently held its May meeting. Mayor Kirt Rasmussen called the meeting to order. He then welcomed Greg Marsing. Marsing conducted the 2008 audit of Elmo Town and went over the audit with the council members. The Council then voted to accept the results of the audit.

The next item of business discussed was a proposal from an Elmo resident. The resident had been approached by Mayor Rasmussen about deeding a road right of way to enable the town to be able to pave the road and eventually put in curb and gutter. The resident's proposal asked for the town to put a fence on their property in exchange for the deed of right of way. Mayor Rasmussen responded to the resident that the town is not willing or able to accept the proposal. He stated that a lot of other residents have already been willing to deed the town the right of ways needed to make improvements to roads in Elmo and that none of them have been compensated. He said if the town agreed to put in a fence for the resident that everyone would be expecting a fence and Elmo does not have enough revenue to be able to do that. The other council members agreed that the town would not be able to accept the proposal.

Other topics at the meeting included the ongoing problem of overdue water bills as well as overdue dog licenses and roaming dogs. Letters will be going out to residents who are behind on their water bills. A resolution previously passed by the council states that anyone behind by three months will be eligible to have their water shut off. Letters will also be going out to residents that have failed to purchase dog licenses and to residents whose dogs have been seen roaming the town. These people will be subject to fines for not being in compliance with town ordinances.

Additionally, they approved an annexation petition for Dallen Skelly and agreed to donate $125 each to Danavin Reed and Stevie Feuers to help them with the costs of going to Girls State.

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