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Letter to the editor: About racism in Green River

Green River


I am writing in response to a previous letter, "Racism in Green River". As an alumni of Green River High School I was offended and hurt by the implications that my former school could be accused of allowing racism to run rampant through the hallways. My problems with the letter are two fold.

First, the author of the letter is not even a resident of Green River. After a brief investigation I found that many of the statements in the letter were inaccurate and taken out of context. A resident of Green River would have had easy access to those who could have clarified what actually took place. Green River has more than 900 residents, none of whom felt the incident deserved the public attention that the author gave it. Instead, the accusations were raised by someone who lives outside of the county, who has only received questionable second hand information about the incident.

Secondly, I feel that the term "racism" is thrown around far too lightly in the letter. In a perfect world, being of one ethnicity or another would not be a disadvantage or an advantage. A person's "race" would not even be considered. However, when the word "racist" is used ethnicity automatically becomes a factor. The object of the educational system is to equip a younger generation with the knowledge and strength of character needed to succeed in life. I feel it is unfair to this upcoming generation to cripple them with the excuse of racism. To teach them that they can blame all their setbacks and disappointments in life on other's racial prejudice hurts them rather that helps them. To do so would instill apathy in a generation that desperately needs ambition.

In closing I would beg all readers, for the sake of an upcoming generation and the future of our country, to think twice before tossing the bombshell of "racism" into any event where different ethnicities may be involved.

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