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Magnuson Lumber gives a big thank you to customers with a free lunch and special deals

A large crowd gathers at Magnuson Lumber to take advantage of a free customer appreciation lunch.
Manager Eric Howes speaks with a customer.

Magnuson Lumber took the time on Thursday to honor and reward customers for shopping at Magnuson's Lumber. It was customer appreciation day and visitors to the store were treated with a lunch outside and valuable deals inside the store. Jon Judd fired up the barbeque and cooked some pork to perfection. The pork sandwiches were served with salads and drinks. Hundreds of customers came to take advantage of the free lunch. The Magnuson staff served the meal and extra tents with tables and chairs were set up outside for the customers to dine under.

Magnuson Lumber has been serving the public for 43 years. This experience shows in the wide variety of products and services for both the Do-It-Yourself homeowner and professional contractor. Customer service is first class. If Magnuson's doesn't have it, they will quickly order it for the customer.

Magnuson Lumber is located on the corner of 495 East and Main Street in Castle Dale. There are 12 employees who are on hand and ready to serve each customer's needs. Products include lumber, hardware, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation, roofing, windows, doors, and masonry goods. Magnuson also offers Fuller O'Brien paints with free computer color matching. A wide variety of power and hand tools makes any job easier. To finish off any home project, or give a unique gift, check out the wide selection of interior décor and craft items.

Magnuson Lumber is owned by Randy and Laurel Magnuson, and managed by Eric Howes. Customer service is their main concern. Randy and Eric are ready to advise, custom order, and deliver needed goods and materials to the job site in a timely manner. With hundreds of vendors, and internet search capability, they are ready and able to serve you. Randy credits the bustling business to the ongoing support and loyalty of customers all over Carbon and Emery counties. He feels his business is successful because Magnuson's listens to the customer, and tries to adjust business practices to be customer friendly.

He says to look for more of the same customer-oriented service in the future.

The customer appreciation day is an annual event for Magnuson Lumber.

They appreciate their many customers and friends in the local area and try hard to keep them coming back.

Magnuson's has a time honored tradition of being helpful and courteous to all who enter their store.

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