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Annual event draws crowd to 777 ranch in Ferron: Texas crooner

Jeff Gore, a Texas cowboy, singer and song writer visits the 777 Ranch in Ferron for annual event.

The 15th annual Cowboy Poetry was held at the Three 777's Ranch in Ferron. There was a large attendance of approximately 200 people. Before the program, a delicious meal was served of grilled steak, ribs, smoked chicken, baked beans, baked potatoes, watermelon, coleslaw, and bread. There were also a variety of desserts and beverages. Jeff Gore, a Texas cowboy, started the program singing, while playing his guitar. Gore sang a variety of western songs some of which he had written himself. He received a standing ovation on a song that he wrote about our country. Ron Ehmann then came up and recited many funny poems dealing with the West and the cowboys. He received quite a few laughs during his recitation. Gore returned to the stage, but this time to accompany a young fiddler named Clay Klemic. Young Klemic played a song from World War II that was composed to poke fun at Hitler.

Next the Schauf family, from Nevada came up and sang a few special numbers. The event ended with Gore, Klemic, and the Schauf family leading the crowd in the song of "How Great Thou Art." Afterwards many comments were given on what a great family activity it was in the way that it honored the West, cowboys, the United States of America, and God.

Prior to the celebration at the ranch, a group of workers from South Carolina came to the ranch. They spent a week working around the ranch on various projects. One of the most visible projects was the completion of the rock work around the bottom of the new lodge. The project took several days and much man power to complete.

The workers also took a sight seeing trip where they went to Moab to view Arches National Park. For many of these visitors it was their first trip out west and they all agreed the scenery they were able to visit was well worth the trip, as well as the opportunity to help out other church members with their long journey to the ranch made the visit very worthwhile.

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