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Letter to the editor: Where did the war protestors go?



What does a war protester do these days? Their man, President Obama, the anti-Bush, who promised to immediately cease our war along with all its painful deeds, won the Presidency. Yet the war goes on the same as before, the only difference, we don't hear it reported everyday. The media apparently, like vultures, have moved on in search of new carcasses to pick to the bone.

So how do these peace warriors fill their day? They can't protest the war, wiretaps, renditions, Guantanamo, or military tribunals. Do they rehear the rhyming chants of past anti-war demonstrations while the media dutifully reported every utterance? Are their cleverly worded signs stashed away in the garage patiently awaiting the election of a new designated war monger, or are they decomposing in garbage dumps where they belong? How do they now contain their full reservoir of hate and anger aimed at President Bush's war, when before it could so easily be released?

Our current President and his party ran for office largely on the plank of abandoning the war. However now that he is in office he has quietly reversed himself on almost everything he promised to end. Has the heavy burden of responsibility, sitting on his shoulders, shined the light of error on his beliefs, or did he simply speak whatever he needed to say in order to win?

War protesters might now wonder if, possibly like our new leader, they were wrong in protesting the war. Should they seek a similar change of heart or should they face the grim realization they were only gullible pawns used by a man on his road to power?

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