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Letter to the editor: Royal tea party



In response to the "Royal Tea Party" hosted by Miss Emery County and the pageant committee. Job well done.

I took the opportunity to attend this event with one of my grand children and so did many other mothers, grandmothers and daughters.

The decorating, costumes, food and activities were well planned and presented. I appreciate you for taking the time to put this together for our pleasure and to participate in a fund raising event for the Miss Emery County Pageant and the girls involved. I also appreciate our County Commissioner, Laurie Pitchforth, who spoke to all about proper manners which seems to be somewhat lacking in today's world. How easy it is to express and show appreciation by demonstrating proper etiquette; and how easy it is to let this important issue go by the wayside if we are not careful.

I appreciate all the beautiful young girls participating and attending who dressed so fitting for the occasion, a "Royal Tea Party". How nice to have special events and occasions to practice a more refined society and being at our best.

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