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Dynamite found in Huntington garage

Troy Beebe from the bomb squad in Utah County takes care of detonating the old dynamite near Huntington.

A few sticks of dynamite and some detonation cord and a square block of C4, a plastic explosive, brought some excitement to a Huntington neighborhood on June 27. The old dynamite was in a garage of a rental home in Huntington. There were several small children in the area. The homes around the garage were checked for occupants and most of the residents of the neighborhood weren't at home at the time.

The bomb squad from Utah County, which is a part of the Statewide Bomb Squad Taskforce, was called down to take care of the dynamite. It was removed from the garage and taken to the old dumping grounds just outside of Huntington where it was detonated.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office reminds residents that sticks of old dynamite are very unstable and should not be handled at all. The experts need to be called in to take care of these very dangerous situations. Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn was at the scene of the dynamite and said the potenital for danger was very great in this situation. If the dynamite had been accidentally discharged by an unsuspecting person it could have blown up the garage and damaged the house as well. Anyone in the area could have been injured if the dynamite went off in its location in the garage.

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