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Letter to the editor: Sadness at closing of local business



As I walked out of Barn's Grill on Tuesday night June 30, I felt like I was losing a good friend. I worked for Dave and Leta for 14 months and can not remember when I had a better time or a better job. My time at the Grill will live forever in my heart. I worked with so many young school girls and I can honestly say I love all of them like they were my own.

I want to say hows much I appreciate Dave and Leta for the past year and tell them I will never forget them and the fun times. I have met so many people from working at the Grill I would have never known. For that I am thankful. Some of the regulars that came in every day treated us all like family and in reality we are family.

My heart is sad but I know that the Grill needed to close for the Robertson's sake. All of us were so sad when Dave announced that we were closing and we all wondered what do we do now. Miranda, Destini, Jody, Brittany, Allie, and the list goes on. All of the girls who worked for Dave were the best and Barn's Grill would not have been the same with out all of them.

Robert our assistant manager was one of the best. Always ready to fill in and do all of the work right along side of all of us. I do not feel like I lost anything but what I gained was respect and admiration to Dave and Leta and their family. I will miss the Grill but I will not keep from seeing everyone and making sure we keep in touch.

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