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Letter to the Editor: Huntington complex



Huntington complex has become in the past years a hazardous playing surface. Due to lack of proper maintenance, the field has become a danger to the players that use it.

Hazards include large dirt patches, dry dead grass and a hard rocky playing surface. Players consistently complain of open wounds from sliding on dirt and rocks and twisted ankles from the outfield. These conditions are particularly hazardous to the hundreds of players that use the fields every year.

Why is the field in such bad shape? Poor and inconsistent maintenance. When was the field re-sodded, grass replanted or dirt added to the infields? I don't know, but I do know that they continue to get worse year after year. The Emery County Recreation is responsible for the complex and needs to step up its regular maintenance of the complex to make it safe.

Admittedly maintenance on the fields is not easy. It is used three-four nights a week during the season, giving little time for a major facelift. The fields are not being used during the off season.

Our fees were raised this year but I don't see any improvements being made.

Re-sodding fields and adding dirt is expensive. But shouldn't the safety of the players be a priority.

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