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Range Creek site being unearthed

A granery far above the road in Range Creek.
A large shield like pictograph is painted near a granery.
Barlow kneels above the dig to explain the age and who they suspect lived in the structure.
Barlow shows two kinds of pottery found at the site.
Barlow talks about some petroglyphs near the canyon floor.
Evans screens the soil removed from the dig for more artifacts.
Projectile points of different kinds from different areas.
Removing artifacts is delicate work.
The canyon also has many historical sties along with the ancient ones.
The team makes a find during the dig.


A Fremont indian site in Range Creek has been the center of activity this summer as Renee Barlow, curator of archaeology at the College of Eastern Utah, students and volunteers have been excavating a site that is at least 1200 years old.

The site has apparently encompassed habitation a number of times and is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands that exist in the Range Creek area and surrounding canyons. So far this summer the team has uncovered over 500 artifacts including jewelry, pot shards from various kinds of pots and tools, along with a small stone ball that very well could have been a childs toy.

The team of people working at the site this week were Barlow, Marvin Evans, Jake Anderson and Sarah Botkins. Following is a photo journal of a part of the day at the Range Creek dig and subsequent tour of the canyon taken on June 14.

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