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Emery County High Football season to begin: Summer football ends as season begins

Nick Stoddard, 44, struggles into the end zone for the touch down.
Derek Tuttle sets up the play for Emery and 10-JT Noyes goes in motion.
Derek Tuttle, 2, picks off the pass and returns the ball.

Sports Writer

It seems like just yesterday that the school year was over and everyone was off for the summer or at least that is the way it is if you are not a high school athlete. At Emery High it is no different.

The first Monday of June saw the onset of the summer weight program for Emery High football players. Over the past seven weeks, almost 40 players gave up some of their vacation time to lift weights and work on becoming a better player.

Coach Jim Jones spearheaded the summer effort and seemed to keep the kids enthused as they each gave up sleep to show up at the school three mornings a week at 7 a.m. For the next two hours, the kids lifted weights, ran stairs, played touch football and ran through the playbook as they prepared for the 2009 season. vEach summer, each school can put their players in pads and play real football for a period of five days in a one-week period. Emery padded up last week and spent four days at Fillmore for a camp put on by Millard High. There the team practiced, lifted weights and played games against the other five schools. It was hot but it was fun and the kids enjoyed it. Coach Jones took 29 kids to the camp and all seemed to really think it was great. They, the team and they, the individual got better as the week progressed.

And now the summer is over. I know that it is only the end of July, but football starts for real next week. On July 27, the team will begin to practice daily at 5 p.m. as the season's first game is Aug. 21 and the black and gold game is Aug. 15. Where does the time go.

Coach Jones welcomes all to come out for Emery High football from freshman to senior.

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