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Water still looks good for county

Millsite Reservoir spills over the overflow. The flow has dried now, but it spilled for several weeks earlier in the season.
The county is well into the irrigation season and water is still lapping at the overflow at Joe's Valley and the gates are open allowing irrigation water to flow.


The water outlook in Emery County is looking good for the irrigation season. A colder than normal spring and a wet June kept the snow pack in the mountains for a longer period of time. Joe's Valley and Millsite reservoirs both spilled longer than normal. Joe's Valley quit spilling a week ago. Project water is being released for local agricultural needs. Craig Johansen is the president of the Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company. He said the spill of Joe's Valley was as anticipated. "The snow held this year and we didn't get all the run-off at one time. It was stretched out over a period of time. The stream flows at this time are normal. Things are looking really good and we haven't drawn down much at this time. Cottonwood Creek is running about average. With the heat of late, our releases our unpredictable because we lose some water to evaporation, but not bad. It will be a good irrigation season, because our reservoirs are full. A full-water supply is available out of Joe's Valley. In eight of 10 years, then Millsite spills. It spilled this year longer than normal. Ferron always has plenty of water for their needs. The reservoirs on the Huntington drainage are all still full and just beginning to be drawn."

Huntington North Reservoir will stay filled longer with the water savings from the new salinity system being installed in the Cleveland, Elmo, Lawrence and Huntington areas.

Currently Joe's Valley is 94 percent full, Huntington North is 82 percent, Miller's Flat, 74 percent, Cleveland Reservoir, 89 percent and Millsite 95 percent.

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