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Letter to the editor: ATV Rally/Parade


Legislators and citizens are banding together on Aug. 8, in a combined parade and rally through the streets of the capitol city to Take Utah Back. Too much of what makes Utah a great place to live, work, and play has been taken from us. More than 63 percent of Utah lands belong to the federal government. In contrast, less than 5 percent of Texas has been declared public lands. Many Utah counties have been hard hit by these federal land grabs, none more so than Southern Utah's Kane County.

Kane County's own Rep. Mike Noel leads the charge in this David and Goliath battle: He is dedicated to multiple uses for public lands, which is the key to maintaining a healthy and prosperous agricultural, small business, tourist and resource-based economy in Southern Utah.

A cold war has been brewing in the Western United States for decades over the use of public land and resources. The Take Back Utah movement is a grass roots effort sponsored by many local and regional organizations and legislators. We are committed to responsible use of and access to public land in Utah.

On Aug. 8, beginning at 10:30 a.m., Utahns will arrive from all over the state to participate in a parade/rally to Take Utah Back. They will gather at 200 East 500 South in downtown Salt Lake City, where the parade will begin and wind its way toward the Capitol Building where the rally will be held on the South steps. The rally will be comprised of speeches and music.

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