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Letter to the editor: Too much Michael?



I am writing in reference to the media and how they have handled the sudden and unexpected death of Michael Jackson. Over the past few weeks his face has been on every television channel, newspaper and magazine cover. Although a large amount of his fans mourn the loss of "The King of Pop," there are just as many who are glad the alleged "child molester" quoted on interviews on MTV, is gone and are sick of seeing his face everywhere they look.

His music videos play constantly on MTV and VH1 and his life story is printed in entertainment and US magazines. All the news channels covered his autopsy, informing the people watching at home of what they found in the body of Michael Jackson. We know all the changes he made to his body, transforming it into a new person. But how much is too much, have the people in the news and music industries over done the Michael Jackson tribute?

Yes, Michael Jackson was over done. Farrah Faucett died the same day as Michael and there was no hope for her story to be told on all the news channels. She had a small private burial with close family and friends where as Michael had a memorial service that you actually had to get tickets to go to and his service was filmed for the world to see. His funeral was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The death of Michael can be compared to the death of Princess Dianna, and she was royalty. Years after her death, the media still has her life playing on the news, with how things are going Michael's story will still be on for sometime to come.

In conclusion, I believe that the tribute to Michael Jackson has been over done. He was a man who had the talent of music and dance and he did change the music industry by going in new directions. He was not a God. He was a man with a gift. He will always be remembered but we don't need to see it every day.

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