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Wiper release in Huntington North

A recent release of wipers will add to the sportfish population in Huntington North Reservoir.

On July 9, Huntington North Reservoir received a new sportfish, when the Division of Wildlife Resources flushed 10,000 wiggling conscripts from the hatchery truck into the water. The new sportfish is the wiper, a sterile cross between a striped bass and white bass. Potentially, an adult wiper can exceed two feet in length and weigh in at just under 10 lbs.

The fishery at Huntington North is already home to a number of sportfish, including largemouth bass, channel catfish, several trout species and bluegill. The Utah chub, which has proven to be a nemesis at so many of Utah's fisheries, is also present. The new infusion of wipers is expected to turn the corner on chub abundance, because of its predatory diet. The wiper is a pelagic fish. The basin-shaped construction of Huntington North is expected to be ideal for the species. Schools patrol open water in search of prey.

The 1.5 to 2 inch-sized newcomers could get up to 10-inches by next summer. In three-four years, they will reach their optimum chub-eating potential, while providing anglers with an exciting new sportfish. Compared with many warm water fish, wipers are aggressive fighters and provide plenty of action once hooked. Table qualities are also outstanding.

Statewide wiper regulations will be in place at Huntington North. The daily limit will be six fish with no restrictions in size.

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