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Beauty and the Beast starts Tuesday

Lance Wright plays the crazy old inventor in Beauty and the Beast. Bryson Weaver plays Lumiere and Kalin Burr is Cogsworth.
Shala Pitchforth plays Belle in the production of Beauty and the Beast.
Con Anderson plays the Beast in the Emery County Community Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast.


A new experience for the Castle Valley awaits with the production of Beauty and the Beast at the Castle Valley pageant site on Desbee Road beginning Tuesday night at 8 p.m. This outdoor amphitheatre will be the perfect setting for the musical Beauty and the Beast. The story unfolds with the handsome prince becoming a hideous beast because of his lack of compassion for his fellow man. He is cursed as the beast until he can find someone to fall in love with him as he is. He only has until the last petal of the rose falls.

Belle, played by Shala Pitchforth, is a vivacious young girl who loves to read. Her father Maurice is an eccentric inventor. Lance Wright plays the part of Maurice. The beast is played by Con Anderson. The handsome prince is played by John Conder.

Belle's father is attacked by wolves and the staff at the palace let him in, which angers the beast. The beast is willing to trade Belle for her father and he is cast out and Belle becomes a prisoner in the castle. But, all is not lost, the beast has an extensive library and Belle soon learns to care for the beast.

The story unfolds under the Emery County skies with the fresh air adding to the outdoor theatre experience. The production is under the direction of the Emery County Community theatre and includes actors from the Emery High drama department. Elise DeBry, Katherine DeBry and Brittany Lofthouse play the part of the devoted fans of Gaston, also known as the silly girls.

Gaston has chosen Belle to be his wife, but Belle despises the man. This adds a twist to the musical. Gaston is played by Jacob Barnett. Laurie Pitchforth and Shala Pitchforth have served as directors for the production. Willie Frisbee is in charge of sound and Tyrell Jewkes the lighting, Shane Pitchforth, assistant for lighting and sound.

There is a small charge for admission to the musical to help pay for royalties on the production. Adults are $5 and $4 for children. The musical will be presented Tuesday through Friday at the Castle Valley pageant site.

Fair organizers and community theatre members came up with the idea of a musical to have at the pageant site during the off years of the Castle Valley pageant. The Castle Valley pageant is now presented every other year on even years. So gather up the family and enjoy a night of theatre underneath the stars of Emery County.

A wide and varied cast will put on the production. Actors include: Darlene DeBry as Mrs. Potts; Bryson Weaver as Lumiere; Kalin Burr as Cogsworth; Alisha Royall as Babette; Madame de LaGrand Bouche-Tracy Urie; LeFou-Trevor Rowley; Colton Leavitt as Monsieur D'Arque; Judy Boyer as the enchantress; townspeople and magical items include: Natalie Dickman, Derick Anderson, Ethan Anderson, Landon Barnett, Janel Boyer, Jeffrey Boyer, Mariah Dickman, Mollie Jensen, Kaili Merrell, Korene Merrell, Misti Merrell, Aubree Royall, Tyler Rowley, Karen Royall, Brynne Urie, Marissa Urie; costumes-Gina Sitterud and Marilee Cox; advertising, Linda Daly, Ann Murdoch and Gina Sitterud; programs by Loyette Holdaway.

Concessions will be available each night of the production, Aug. 4-7.

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