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Letter to the editor: Healthy Americans Act

Salt Lake City


For years now I have worked with my senate colleagues to create the Healthy Americans Act, a healthcare plan that would provide every American with affordable, private health insurance. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is wary of free market solutions and sees government intervention as the only answer. Pres. Obama is demanding that any efforts put forth by Congress include a so-called "public option" to compete with private insurers. Once the government gets involved, it won't be long before the private insurance industry is out of business, and the public option becomes the only option.

Indeed, the public option is nothing more than a back door to single-payer, socialized care, and it's for that reason that I stand alongside my fellow conservatives in opposition to it. Please help me send a message to the Obama administration on this issue by signing this petition . We have set a goal of collecting 10,000 signatures, so please sign the petition telling the Obama administration that our country does not want or need a single-payer, government-run healthcare system.

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