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Green River Pirate baseball season underway

Justin Johnson tries to make a play at home against the Wayne High Badgers at the Bryce Valley tournament.
Holden Marshall safely sliding into second base against the Bryce Valley Mustangs.

Guest Writer

Jason Johnson hitting home runs in games against the Valley Buffaloes and the Wayne High Badgers; Justin Johnson hitting a home run during the Valley game; Adrian Escalante showing real promise on the mound as a freshman; Haden Pfander swinging at a high junk pitch and clobbering it for a triple and Holden Marshall making it safely to third in a 'pickle' play are a few highlights from the past four games played since the Pirate baseball team began the 2009 baseball season by traveling to the Bryce Valley tournament on Aug. 6 and 7.

The Pirates played games against the Wayne High Badgers, the Bryce Valley Mustangs and the Valley Buffaloes while at the tournament and then turned around on Aug. 11 to play the Wayne High Badgers again on their home turf. The scores of the games are not important and the fact that the Pirates are 0 - 4 to start the season is only part of the story. Winning is partly a mind set and those who are disciplined seem to win more.

Baseball is a sport where a play here or a catch there can really impact the outcome of the game. There just weren't very many of these type plays for the Pirates which greatly impacted the score as each games progressed. There were highlights for sure, times where the team showed real spunk and promise and then there were times - too many times - where the team suffered from a shortage of tenacity and from a fire in the belly to improve when mistakes were committed. So, the Pirates fall back to play one more non conference game against the Tabiona Tigers before beginning Region 18 play.

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