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Sagebrush and Surprises: Sand art sculpture popular sight during fair

Bill Dow works on his sand sculpture for three days at the fair.
Sand Sculpture by Bill Dow
Bill Dow works through the fair to complete the sand sculpture depicting Emery County.


All the way from Billings, Mont., Bill Dow, a master sand sculptor came to the Emery County Fair to present a sand sculpture demonstration and then teach everyone how to do a super sculpture of their own. Bill has competed in, and won, many competitions, national and international. Bill spent the entire three days of the fair working on his sculpture.

Many fair goers stopped to chat with Bill and to learn a little about sculpting sand.

Bill's sand sculpture is a reflection of the town where he is at the time. For Emery County he chose a child on an ATV, a mountain, a cougar, a big horn sheep and other related items found in Emery County.

The sand is more cooperative when it is wet, so Bill keeps his squirt bottle filled with water handy as he creates his sand sculpture masterpiece.

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