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Help for the eagles

A Utah Power employee assists DWR biologist Bob Walters, who is placing sticks in an artificial nest structure, which had been erected earlier in the day by Utah Power personnel.

Emery County has the unique standing of being home to one of only four pairs of nesting bald eagles in the entire state! Two other nests occur along the Colorado River. The other nest is situated on the east shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Although Utah has been a winter destination of as many as 1,100 bald eagles, almost all birds migrate north in the spring. Those few bald eagles, choosing to nest in Utah, are quite rare.

Bald eagles typically raise a single chick each year. In some cases, two chicks fledge. On rare occasions, three chicks survive.

The Emery County pair of bald eagles built their nest in 1990. Since that time, the pair has successfully raised more than a dozen chicks.

Unfortunately, the nest blew down during a wind storm this past summer. The single nestling was killed.

Hoping to keep the nesting pair in the area, the DWR in partnership with UP&L decided to erect an artificial nest structure.

From past experience, biologists have learned to place sticks, twigs, bark and "greenery" on top of the nest structure�making the nest much more attractive to potential occupants.

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