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Green River drops a game to Tabiona

Haden Pfander pitches for Green River
Green River Pirates play Tabiona

"We're doing good on offense and not so good on defense" was the gist of how Coach Parsons summarized the game the Green River Pirates had against the Tabiona Tigers on Aug. 17, at Tabiona.

The Pirates, smarting after an 0-4 start to their 2009 season traveled to Tabiona bent on turning things around. And turn things around they did, the bats were humming at the top of the first inning with the Pirates scoring three runs but left two more on bases as the Tigers made the third out.

The elation didn't last too long as the Tigers were able to match the score and add one as the Tabby hitters were patient at the plate and our pitching staff wasn't able to zero in on the sweet spot.

This pitching trend stayed around a little too long which was good for Tabiona and bad for Green River. A bright spot happened in the top of the second inning when Holden Marshall swung at a low and inside pitch to send the ball sailing over the left field fence for his first homer of the season and the fourth over all for the team.

The game had its moments on offense with Holden's home run and Hayden Pfander hitting it deep in right center for a nice double bringing Keith Clark in for a run all the way from first base. Also, on defense with Keith Clark taking one for the team as he put his body in front of a line drive and made the throw to first base for a sweet out or with Jason Johnson's glove in center field catching deep and shallow flies and making them look routine.

The final score was 13 to 8. Not bad seeing how Tabiona toppled the 1A power house Wayne Badgers at a tournament just prior to this game but the Pirates are getting tired of close games, they're hungry for their first win and looking for it this coming Friday as they travel to Tintic to take on the Miners.

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