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Lady Spartans

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"We are getting better and I feel that by time region play gets here that we will be a really good team," according to Coach Kris Bell after the loss at Park City.

Bell is happy with the progress of her team and expects the starting line-up to be solidified in the near future. Right now, she thinks three or four girls have stepped up but is waiting for the team as a whole to gel.

At Park City, Emery played well at most times but seemed to let down after time-outs and that trend seemed to be picked up on by the Miners. Every time Emery made a run a time-out was called and Emery responded with a slow start. Bell says the team will work on that.

Emery kept the first game close but lost 25-22. Emery then won the second game 25-20, as they seemed to be over the hump of losing close games.

Emery then lost the third game 25-20 as they let Park City build too big of a lead to overcome. Emery then lost the match in the fourth game at 25-23.

As Emery looks to build for the future with the younger players on the squad, it bodes well that the freshman team, the sophomore team and the JV team all won their matches at Park City.

Bell also would like her team to concentrate on serving better. "Missed serves hurt, especially those that hit the ground before the net. We have got to get better at this," according to the coach.

Bell is confident that the team will keep improving and that she soon will have her varsity team settled as far as personnel goes.

Emery travels to Union High School in Roosevelt this week for their next pre-season game. That game will be Thursday starting at 3 p.m.

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