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Cowboy poets fill the night with prose and song

Area residents gather for the annual cowboy poetry gathering at Castle Valley outdoors.
Entertainers at the cowboy poetry night includes the Val Jensen band.

Guest Writer

The Historical Society annual evening of Cowboy Poetry was held at Castle Valley Outdoors near Emery on Aug. 27. The summer evening was comfortably warm throughout the event. A half moon drifted across the evening sky toward the Western horizon.

The early arrivals at the Castle Valley Outdoors were greeted by the country music of the Val Jensen Band. The Val Jensen Band can be heard Wednesday evenings at the Star Grill in Huntington.

Chairwoman Joyce Staley opened the meeting with about 120 attentive people in chairs on the lawn in front of the Castle Valley Outdoor Lodges.

Sam Singleton gave the opening prayer, followed by Joyce Staley leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States.

Kent Petersen was introduced as the master of ceremonies and gave several poems that he had written or memorized. He has edited a new book of cowboy poetry available from the Historical Society.

Tyler Jeffs recited two poems which he wrote himself.

Ann Murdock sang western ballads that included some yodeling and the Val Jensen Band filled in with music between each speaker.

Petersen recited a few more renditions of cowboy poetry after which he introduced Glendon Johnson the owner of Castle Valley Outdoors, who said he was enjoying the music, the poetry and welcomed everyone inviting them to come back again every year. Russell Swasey was the last to recite cowboy poetry.

While the last music was playing the Historical Society served Dutch oven peach and cherry cobbler topped off by a scoop of ice cream.

Those who attended the gathering commented that: "This was the best cowboy poetry program ever presented by the Historical Society for the following reasons, the music and poetry rang out from start to finish and the old songs remembered from days gone by were great. One of the highlights of the evening was the peach and cherry cobbler served from the Dutch oven.

Joyce Staley was busy all evening making sure everything ran smoothly during the program. The Emery County Historical Society meets monthly to keep the history of the county alive and happenings of by-gone years are brought to remembrance each month for the older folks and the younger people are educated to the history of Emery County and surrounding areas.

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