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Letter to the editor: Questions garbage bid in Huntington

By Wade Williams


On Aug. 19, I attended the Huntington City Council meeting for the bid/proposal on garbage service for the community. The city received two separate bids/proposals. Both were from businesses with a current Huntington City business license and resident employees.

The bid/proposals had been opened beforehand. All of the council members had a chance to review the bids/proposals and then voice their opinions. The audience was led to believe that the bids/proposals were very close. The council then voted unanimously to stay with the current hauler and I was even encouraged to bid again next time. I was floored the next day to get the official numbers from the bids/proposals and learn that my bid/proposal would have saved the residents of Huntington more than $18,000 over the next five years. So, not only are the residents of Huntington getting less than the best service available, they are paying $18,700 more for it; and that ain't right.

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