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Sept 3 West Scofield fire update

Containment is expected at the end of the day today and all road closures and evacuations will be fully lifted this evening at 8 p.m. Today’s efforts will be focused on removing hazard trees suspended over roads and trails. Crews will be working toward 100 percent mop-up by conducting grid searches one chain (66 feet) inside the fire perimeter.

One crew and eight engines were demobilized this morning (Thursday) leaving the workforce at about 110 personnel. Three crews, eleven engines and various overhead staff are still on the fire. Demobilization will continue tomorrow with the incident being downgraded to type four level under management by local agencies.

The fire will still produce brief, isolated smoke plumes as heavy fuels far inside the fire perimeter continue to smolder out. Overall, air in the valley is clear with thin smoke from other area fires visible up the canyons.

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