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Clawson Day celebration

The Clawson children fill the dunking machine and get ready for a day of fun.


Clawson Town recently celebrated being Clawson as they held activities throughout the day. The events started with games for the local children. The dunking machine was one of the most popular as children lined up to be dunked as well as to throw the ball to see if they could give someone else a dunk.

There was face painting and the children painted wooden dinosaurs. The free snow cones also saw a number of takers on this warm summer day. Later in the day a dinner was held where Clawson Town furnished sloppy joes and residents brought a pot luck dish for everyone. A bake sale was also held where baked goods of all varieties were available for purchase. The annual auction and music followed the dinner.

This year's celebration was enhanced by the addition of new restrooms in the park and the Town Hall remodel and extension which gave plenty of room for the dinner and music. Clawson Town meetings are now held in the new addition where a stand has been constructed where the mayor and the council members sit.

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